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earl carroll, moulin rouge, hullabaloo, kaleidoscope, aquarius, nickelodeon........

these are the names that venue has been known as,

during the 1960's when it was still known as the moulin rouge, the most depressing television game show ever, queen for a day was filmed here


when it was the aquarius, the doors recorded their live from the Aquarius here. in 1969 the exterior got a new paint job for the play hair which played here for several years. The exterior painting was done by the dutch outfit known as the fool, the same folks who painted the exterior of the beatles shop in london


here's a scan from the book Dreams of Laurel Canyon showing the Fool paint job on the sunset boulevard elevation. this is where the wall of fame used to be

from the same book is a scan of the band the turtles by the wall of fame when it was the hullabaloo club, (yes this is the place where they taped the television show hullabaloo)

Earl Carroll noir 1939 looking se across sunset boulevard from NBC

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