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I'm not following you Texan, I promise. lol

Funny enough, I came to SSP to post two things. 1) The micro apartments story and 2) a bit of information I learned about this project yesterday.

Apparently, there's a very good possibly that Trader Joe's take space at this development.

Trader Joe's wants to build in the urban core but hasn't found the right spot that is the right size.

Trader Joe's entering the market in 2012 and wanting to be downtown is one of the reasons H-E-B jumped all over the 1 million dollar incentive package the city put out and H-E-B used the 1 million for street improvements because they didn't need it or require it to build their Flores Street Market.

There are 625-units planned/under construction within a two block radius of Dwyer plus a lot more in the pipeline (yet to be announced) in the same area. TJ's has to see this as an ideal location.

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