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We have seen 'Dad' Bailey's small newspaper stand on NLA but I don't believe we have seen this larger 'walk-in' Dad Bailey's newstand.

Here it is.


"This was Charles Bailey second business. He worked for years in the luggage business and like a piece of Hollywood fiction, "It's a Wonderful Life" the Fictional Bailey Family almost lost their business. Due to someone not paying the insurance in time. A fire took his business and it was then that he found out someone forgot to pay the insurance. Old enough to retire, but without much money he opened up this newsstand. It thrived and got bigger and he worked there for many years, he lived until he was ninety years old. This is his bigger stand"....David Wayne Bailey

but no mention of an address.

As a reminder here is 'Dad' Bailey's original newstand.



This smaller stand was thought to be on or near Florence in South Los Angeles close to USC.


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