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....Remnants of a 1919 photo album, Pico Heights.

.....I wasn't aware that Ardmore used to be "J Street".

found on eBay a few years back.

..Let's take a better look at the Rosedale Crematorium. (since it's sideways in the album)

...I like how the small circular window(s) in the dome mimic the much larger circular window(s) on the lower part of the building.

While I'm being somewhat redundant here a larger look at 1109 S. Ardmore and the young woman posing in front.

I believe she might be the same woman posing by the crematorium. (see below)

hmm. . .or maybe that isn't her. ... Could it be a spectre?

for search purposes:...1109 S. Ardmore...Pico Heights...Rosedale Crematorium...7-24-19

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