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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Here's another of the slides from the group that I mentioned a couple of days ago. (I previously posted three of the slides) I'm glad one of them found a home with Beaudry.

As you can see this one was taken on Hollywood Blvd. just east of Argyle. -looking west.


It looks like there are two betting films showing at the Pantages.

Tip on a Dead Jockey (1957)

House of Numbers (1957)

And there's a bit of jabberwocky fun going on with the two signs.

I also see an early VW "beetle" (black) on the left with the small oval rear window. Before 1960 VWs were quite rare in the U.S. Then the brilliant ad campaign started that made them cool. Soon they were everywhere. The Hitler connection was forgotten. Similarly, in the 1970s Japanese cars became common. Our old foes won the car wars. I bought a VW in 1968 and a Toyota Corolla in 1974, followed by a Honda Accord in 1979. Before that my parents and family members were mostly Chevy folks, with a few Ford people and one Chrysler oddball. But Dinah Shore singing "See the USA in Your Chevrolet" persists like some ancient ear worm of a distant time long departed. It is hard to forget those old jingles from youth. The "Bonanza" theme music plays in my head sometimes. At other times "77 Sunset Strip" and the "Ballad of Jedd Clampett" from the Beverly Hillbillies.

The early 1960s and before seem as ancient as the time of the dinosaurs. To quote Jimmie Durante, "Good night Mrs. Calabash wherever you are". Goodbye deep past. We will remember you but you are gone forever....except on Noirish Los Angeles. The deep past lives here forever. Thank you ethereal reality for starting this blog, and thanks to all the contributers!

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