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mystery street, Los Angeles 1970 ....eBay

hmm. .perhaps the owners of the two nifty cars work in the building on the left.


At first glance there doesn't appear to be any good clues (besides the name on the bldg at left.)

. . . .that is, unless you take a look farther down the street. (see below)


As you can see the street appears to dead end at a rather interesting looking building with a wall and arch. (& possibly a tall tower on the left)

. . .of course an even better clue is the homemade 2412 sign with the arrow.

There's also a street sign peaking out from behind a pole. The first two letters appear to be A and y(?) I think.

Last but not least, here is a closer look at the name on the building that I mentioned earlier.


I've often wondered if there's an app that will stretch out the letters to make the sign more legible. (just askin')

Good luck minions!

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