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Originally Posted by Beaudry View Post
It's funny, I just did a post where I referenced being on an eBay spending diet, but I intend to "go big" on this one, because man do I want that sucker. Such an interesting point in time, after they tore down the Fremont for the Fourth St Cut in 1954, but before they tore down the rest of the wall (here I am going on about like a crazy person 'bout that wall).

What really gets me is that it shows the pedestrian bridges between the two telephone buildings. The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph offices at left (Bliss & Faville, 1924) was joined to the new Southern California Telephone HQ (Charles Day Woodford) when it was finished in 1947. We've seen the shot by the great Palmer Conner here on NLA before I'm sure:

Huntington Library
When did the microwave towers get added to the telephone building on the right? I seem to remember them being there by the late1960s, or even before. Plus weren't additional floors added to the building? As the giant gasometers went away, the microwave towers went up. Hmmm.

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