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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
unihikid--I was struck by this detail in your grandfather's bio and have been wondering about ZNH and her connection to Hollywood. I looked for a pic of her in LA--found nothing really, but there's a good bit online about her filmmaking days. Apparently she also worked as a script consultant for Paramount for a short time ca 1941. Wonder if Dr. Sheen saw anything of her then, if he was in Calif by that time?

Thanks GW, i didn't know she spent time out here during the 40's. Papa moved the family from Tyler Texas in the spring of 1945 (we have a picture of the 38 Oldsmobile pulling an airsteam type trailer), so i don't think he made it in time for her. To be honest, we didn't find out about the marriage until the early 90's. The LA Times ran an article about her and dad called Aunt Delores, who was closer to Papa to ask about it, and even she didn't know.

We later found a few correspondences, that we gave to i believe Florida State University. It was right around the time of the divorce, so 55-56. She was going through a hard time, and i think he was sending her money from time to time. Since it was connected to the divorce, none of the kids wanted the reminder, and felt they belonged to FSU (I could of used them on a great show and tell project during my 11th grade year). From what everyone has said, she was the one that got away. We also found out that she kept in touch with Papa's relatives (The Chicago Sheen's) who i have yet to meet.
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