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Originally Posted by unihikid View Post
Thanks Martin and Jim. I was lucky enough to know all the folks in the pictures except my grandfather. He was first married to Zora Neal Hurston who he went to Howard University with. Granny was a rebound and the marriage wasn't a happy one(divorced in 1955). The kids we're spoiled to say the least and Granny had to work overtime at Bullocks DT just in case the kids brought over someone for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner. Here are some around the house pics.

unihikid--I was struck by this detail in your grandfather's bio and have been wondering about ZNH and her connection to Hollywood. I looked for a pic of her in LA--found nothing really, but there's a good bit online about her filmmaking days. Apparently she also worked as a script consultant for Paramount for a short time ca 1941. Wonder if Dr. Sheen saw anything of her then, if he was in Calif by that time?

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