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Hello. I am the author of the book about Randsburg, as well as the in-depth research about Emilie Brickett/French Marguerite. I was fully aware that Marguerite had visited Los Angeles. Evidence pointed to her being released from the asylum between late 1900 to 1902, whereupon she headed for Randsburg where her favorite sister lived. I have secured actual documents showing that she did indeed leave the asylum. Also, as I had already guessed, the reason given in the news was that she had epilepsy was a ruse. She was committed for other reasons. I have been in contact with a number of Emily/Marguerite's living relatives, as well as step-family members of Marguerite's son, August Roberts/Jarick. all who emailed or phoned me, confirming my evidence as true. They have also given me a copy of the only known photo of Emily/Marguerite. Due to the real reasons behind her committal, I have promised that I would not release that information publicly. I also have a certified copy of Emily/Marguerite's death certificate.

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re: I now have three different locations for the Atlas Hotel.



(as seen down the street in Hoss' photograph

and the 124 1/2 N. Spring Street address in the article below.

But this post is more about Mrs. Roberts, the woman the W.C.T.U. ran out of town on a rail. (article above)

Remember, at the time, Mrs. Roberts was in Los Angeles trying to lure girls to Randsburg Calif to work at her 'dance' hall.

"Mrs. Roberts operated her establishment under the name of “My Place Dance Hall,” sometimes known as “The Oasis,”
and right next door was her saloon. I’m sure it is fairly easy for you to figure out that Marguerite was a madam
who ran this as a “bawdy house,” which caused much consternation among the more “decent” town folk."
from CindyN11

Marguerite's dance hall still stands.


"The Randsburg Inn, formerly the Commercial Hotel, and at one time the My Place Dance Hall."

during my search I came upon Mrs. Roberts' tombstone in the Rand District Cemetery. (I wasn't expecting this)

explore forums

Surprisingly, she died less than three years after her procuring trip to L.A.

But was 'Marguerite' really French?

"The majority of “soiled doves” lied, fabricated and twisted the truth about who they were and where they came from.
They rarely used their real names and often were just known by nicknames. During this era the crème de la crème
of the dance halls, bawdy & parlour houses and brothels were French women, most likely due to the popularity of erotic French Postcards.
French “sporting women” commanded a higher price for their services, so, as a consequence, many a home-grown American floozy
moved to new pastures, recreated themselves and became a ‘French’ courtesan."


Cindy at explore forums believes 'Marguerite' Roberts was actually Emily Brickett of San Bernardino....not from France as stated in her obituary.
(in 1892 she became Emily Jarrick after marrying August H. Jarrick in San Bernardino)

But in my opinion, Cindy's theory has a slight problem. Emily Jarrick was committed to an asylum by her husband in 1900.
Yet the newspaper article I found (while looking for the Atlas Hotel) has 'Marguerite' Roberts in Los Angeles in 1904.
So I'm not entirely convinced Marguerite Roberts and Emily Jarrick are the same person.
(of course she could have been released from the asylum by 1904, but still )

If interested, you can read all of Cindy's research here: Explore Forum

(as far I can tell, she is unaware of Mrs. Roberts' trip to L.A. in 1904)

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