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Originally Posted by JimCraig View Post
Well, he left you a wonderful record of family "goings-on' and we are very grateful you shared them with us.

I Googled your grandfather and read about the Sheenway Schools. I am in Chicago and had never heard of them. A fantastic concept and sorely needed today.

You certainly have an interesting family!
Thank you Jim, i'm glad to share them! He really wanted Sheenway to be successful, and it lasted out here in LA till 2010 or so. The local school district took over the charter and tore down the buildings, and built a new facility that better serves the community. For years there was a mural of him along with all that helped with the schools history. When they built the new facility, they installed a new one with several of my's sometimes weird being stuck on the 110 freeway and seeing your Grandfather and Aunt on the side of a building

When my Grandfather passed (1976ish) my Aunt Delores kept the school alive. She is still active in the community, and like all Sheen's had an entertaining bug in her. Her son, Erin Blunt was in the original "Bad News Bears" and a host of other things. She has been in "Friday After Next", and more recently a Subaru commercial where we think she's a little girl but in the end, she turns into a Grandmother who "Loves spending time with the Grandkids". She also was a founding member of the vocal group "A Taste of Honey", she dropped out to pursue a nursing degree(see Candy pics).
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