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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

Have any of you noirisher heard of the Sweet and Lowe Convalescent Home?


The name "Sweet and Lowe" doesn't ring any bells....It's unique enough I think I would have remembered it.

There is something written in white at the very bottom of the photograph. (no doubt from the negative)

Here is the reverse.

April 20, 1912

The writer's house is being moved.... There was alot of house moving going on in Los Angeles back in the day.


Henriette Sweet and Jennie Lowe were partners in the sanitarium--it only opened in 1910, so didn't last long. Looks like they went their separate ways after the building was sold? and moved. Sweet was next listed at 1805 W 5th St, but if the building was moved there, it's gone. On a quick look couldn't find any BPs to trace its movement.

"Prince" John Edward R. de Guelph, who imagined himself the rightful heir to the British throne, lived there once. Thought we'd seen him on NLA before, but couldn't dig him up.

Herald Jan 29, 1911 and July 28, 1911
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