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Lovely fantastic winter

It's been mind numbing cold here in Toronto for the last couple weeks, as it has elsewhere. Truth be told I absolutely LOVE when it gets incredibly cold because of the image opportunities it creates. Though I live in a metropolis of 6+ million people, I live walking distance from the shores of one of the Great Lakes which is wondrously transformed when it gets ravaged by Ole Man Winter. Here is a sample of a few of the images I've taken while wearing 2 pairs of sock, long johns and two winter coats.
And here is a link to a gallery of more:

Stay warm my friends. Pray for more chilling temperatures and embrace winter!

Icy lily paddies forming in Lake Ontario under the polar vortex - Kew Beach, Toronto by Phil Marion, on Flickr
Centre Island pier and the polar vortex by Phil Marion, on Flickr
Frozen in time - Lake Ontario [1 minute long exposure] by Phil Marion, on Flickr
Natural ice sculptures - Ashbriges Bay by Phil Marion, on Flickr
Patterns of Kew Beach by Phil Marion, on Flickr
Dusk at Balmy Beach - Toronto by Phil Marion, on Flickr
Fun at the February - Woodbine, Kew and Balmy Beaches in Toronto by Phil Marion, on Flickr
Click on any of my photos to view a larger version
Please enjoy a look at my won't be disappointed
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