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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post

The Deco Van de Kamps is gone, but caddy-corner is this gem:


Anyone know what this started out as?
I posted a pic of this place back on page 432, in July 2012:

I had driven by it the previous September.

It has a 1922 build date according to county records and I linked a couple of vintage pictures from the Glendale library, with businesses named Henry's Malt Shop (date unknown) and Brown Owl Ice Cream (late 1940s). Those Flickr links are dead but maybe the Glendale library has put them somewhere else.

I asked if anyone had any other information and was met with chirping crickets - 0 responses. I feel a strange kinship with the building as it seems we both toil in obscurity.

I will see if I can track down the vintage pictures again since the old links are dead.
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