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ethereal... and even if you weren't struggling to retain your property, but saw that your neighborhood was changing--becoming more crowded, trafficky--that your now-unfashionable Victorian was becoming a bear to keep up, too big, with all that gingerbread to constantly scrape and paint at great expense--the drafts in winter (i.e., your wife keeps telling you how humiliating it is to hear Mrs. Worthington Proudfoot go on about her new digs on Muirfield at meetings of the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League, and telling you how a new house near the Proudfoots would make you look more successful to your business cronies). Or, say, you were beginning to feel that your Craftsman bungalow, as new as it seemed just ten years before, was looking common, what with thousands of clones now spread across the landscape, indeed, across America--and if you noticed that some neighbors were selling out at considerable profit and moving to new houses in lovely new.. er, restricted neighborhoods... you might have to say yes then too. Those underground utilities and those modern stucco houses a few miles north on, say, Plymouth or June or Keniston would look mighty fine.... Actually, of course, I don't know what you, ethereal, might have done in such a time and place. I'm just imagining the mindset of a typical upwardly mobile, ultraconservative middle- to upper-middle-class Los Angeles burger ca. 1927, watching all those less-prosperous sorts getting off the train downtown, looking for places to live that remind them of the farmhouses they left in Iowa....

How your wife convinces you your current house appears:

What she envisions:
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