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Whew, I finally made it to the last page! First, I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this amazing thread. I think I've learned more about the history of L.A. from here in the past month or so of reading, than I've ever learned in all my previous years.

As for my (first) contribution, I live a few blocks from the Mildred Pierce house at 1141 Jackson St. in Glendale that has been mentioned a few times. The whole area (Rossmoyne) is going through the historical designation process with the city of Glendale right now, as there are a lot of 1920s/1930s homes that have maintained their character and not been turned into mini-mansions.

Here is an ad from the Glendale News Press in 1925 announcing the sale of homes in Rossmoyne:

Mr. F.W. Pigg (the apparent builder of the home in the advertisement) might be pleased to know that his home is as pretty as ever at 1122 Rossmoyne Dr.

Hopefully I will contribute some more going forward, but I mostly wanted to say thanks for all the effort everyone has put into this. It's really amazing for an LA history buff like me!
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