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That's Curly pushing.

I suppose if anything cinematic is the opposite of noir, it's the Three Stooges, but at least the time period is the same.... I don't think I've seen a Stooges episode in decades, but the other day one I remembered in particular from childhood turned up on tv as I was flipping channels (who says there's nothing on tv?), right at a point showing a great-looking Colonial house, complete with street number above the door. It was clearly shot on location. Well, I knew the house had to be in L.A. -- though the streetlamps in the scene I associated more with Pasadena (smallish single round globe). Right after seeing the Stooges I happened to be looking at the Windsor Square Overlay Zone page of the city's Office of Historic Resources ( and what do I see but a small picture of a familiar Colonial house... and knowing the north-south streets of Windsor Square fairly well, I began Googling for Dollars. On the third try combining "111" with one of the streets--eureka--I found the house, still looking great at 111 S. Norton. Then it occurred to me that I might find the 1938 Stooges episode in question, called Mutts to You (the boys own a dog-washing parlor and find a baby in front of 111 S. Norton, etc etc), online, and sure enough, you can watch the whole thing here: Turns out I didn't need to search for the house on Google at all--the baby's mother clearly orders a cabdriver to take her home to "111 S. Norton." Here's the house now:

Google Street View

The brick stairs and walk at 111 are the same, as is the palm at right.
As for the streetlamps on Norton--the round globes have now been replaced with
the more familiar urn-shaped units that I have always associated with Los Angeles.
Moe and Larry across the street from 111 S. Norton, in front of
this house:

Google Street View

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