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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Do either of you know any details of a castle-like house above Sunset somewhere in the vicinity of Sweetzer?
I believe it's still there although hidden by trees and bushes.

OK....I just found some information.

I just googled sweetzer and castle and found this link.

The photos are terrible.
Do you have any photos of this house GW?
Richard Lamparski, author of the famous "Whatever Became of?" books and super-authority on old Hollywood, devotes a page in his book "Lamparski's Hidden Hollywood" to "The Castle of the Fairy Lady," which was the name given to the house (originally called Mount Kalmia) by its owner, Mrs. Hersee Moody Carson. She was a devout Christian who held large parties at her house for children, mostly orphans and cripples, and they referred to her as The Fairy Lady. The dessert at these parties was always a huge angel-food cake shaped and decorated as the Holy Bible.
There is an excellent photo of the house in 1940 in Lamparski's book.
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