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Savored every word of your musings on "The Curse of the Cat People," GW.
And...your talent for finding these amazing photos.
Very interesting that you are familiar enough with the remaining carriage house at 900 West Adams to identify it as the likely location of the mysterious tower window in the movie.
Incidentally, I meant to ask if anyone knows the identity/location of the Victorian mansion with massive twin Palm Trees in the original William Castle movie "13 Ghosts?"
I checked out the trailer on youtube, and there is close-up panning shot of the front of the Waters house! If this link doesn't work, go to youtube and type in 13 ghosts (1960) trailer.
Hoever, my memory of full-view shots of the house in Castle's film are that is was not the Waters home.
Finally, there is an old castle-like house, supposed to be in the Hollywood Hills, that is a centerpiece of a fun 1965 movie called "Two on a Guillotine," recently released on DVD. The house is actually called Benedict Castle and is in Riverside, Ca.

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