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Originally Posted by Metro Matt View Post
So LA's City Hall has a rotating beacon like Williams Tower in Houston? Do they still turn it on? I've never heard of another building with a search light on top other than the old Palmolive Building in Chicago of which was the inspiration for Williams Tower & supposedly they were once synchronized together until Palmolive turned theirs off for good. I know the Eiffel Tower added a similar beacon several years back, but that really doesn't count since its technically not a building.

Wouldn't this building be too short now to have such a light with the other much taller towers in DT LA all around it?
Yeah, it's called the Lindbergh Beacon. It was installed when City Hall was first constructed, but during WWII the beacon wasn't lit, in fact it was taken down some time after WWII and put in storage, and forgotten. When City Hall was restored and seismically strengthened in 2001, the beacon was found, restored and reinstalled. It's now only turned on for special occasions and is turned on during the Christmas season.
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