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Originally Posted by pj3000 View Post
I don’t give money to twitchy or barely-conscious addicts, nor to young able-bodied dudes who hang out all day in traffic at intersections or on bridges around here. Nor to basic street hustlers who always got some line of bullshit story for you.

I always give money to someone who I think might need it. Maybe they’ll use it to buy a sandwich or maybe they’ll use it to go buy a beer or a bottle of cheap ass wine. I don’t care either way. If they need a drink to help get them through whatever nasty twist of fate has brought them to where they are, then they need a drink. I don’t feel that it’s my place to judge them. I’m lucky to have my brain, my limbs, family and friends, and the means to give a few bucks to someone who’s somehow been reduced to begging his/her fellow humans for money on the street.
I feel the exact same way. So what if they use the money to buy a cheap beer or wine; maybe they need it to ease their pain. Once I give an individual money, it is theirs to do whatever they need/want to do with it.
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