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Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
I was looking at some houses in the Houston Area, and holy crap they are so cheap compared to NJ. You could get an amazing home for 300k (Large sqft(4000 or more), and so many features), where here in NJ, a shack that's about 1000 sqft and doesn't even look good is going for 400-500k or more depending on the area. Some fine real estate. I might move there and the oil jobs are there. Plus, Ive heard your taxes are great. No state income and property is probably light years behind what NJ is (In terms of cheapness, right now, the property tax in my house is $13,000 .
Chris, my property is appraised at about $300K, and my taxes are between $6K and $7K. People from some states say these property taxes are high, but it's true that we don't have a state income tax. I tried to find a website that shows property and income tax rates for various states and cities, but didn't find one. But that was a while back. Maybe there's something now.

Inner city prices are getting to be very high for what you get, but suburbs are still a great bargain for those who favor the burbs. is a great website to look at homes in Houston. You may have already discovered that site.
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