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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
LAX, 1962

I have a vivid memory of the flat round building in the lower left quadrant of this photo. It was a gas station, moderately large by today's standards but absolutely vast in comparison with other gas stations in the 1960s. (Or perhaps it just appeared vast to a wee tot such as I was at the time.) Can't recall the brand, but the building was most impressive at night when fully illuminated.

In the run-up to the 1984 Olympic games I briefly worked as a shuttle bus driver for a tiny, cheap car rental company near LAX. During the peak of construction as they were adding an upper level to the traffic loop, all lanes of traffic were sometimes corralled down to a single lane. Of course this brought traffic to a virtual standstill, and the passengers in my shuttle were frequently panicked that they would miss their flights.

One of my co-workers was driving a shuttle on the upper level of the loop not long after it first opened, when the entire left rear wheel of the shuttle suddenly broke free, catapulted over the guard rail, then fell and smashed into a moving vehicle on the lower level.


Horthos, your photos are gorgeous. I hope you'll be sharing more of them.

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