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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
That is so cool that your mother saw movies at the Garfield! Did you tell her that unfortunately it's now a strip mall?

Actually, I learned some years ago that that was how movies were shown, at least in the US, anyway. Movies were shown in a loop, there were no set times of when you could enter the theater. It was common for people to come in in the middle of the movie. That's how the phrase "this is where I came in" got started. I learned this after seeing a documentary on the making of "Psycho." Alfred Hitchcock didn't want the twist ending to be spoiled, so he made it so that theaters showing "Psycho" had to have definite starting times, and to not let people into the theater once the movie started. So that actually changed the way people saw movies, from then on there was a definite schedule of starting times for movies.

That's some pretty cool trivia, I never knew that (and I never knew they played the movies on a loop before my Mom told me). I didn't tell her it turned into a strip mall, however, being gone from California for over 3 decades, I'm sure she would expect it. I have some pretty cool history and such of LA from my family. My grandmother gave me an old Los Angeles Transit Lines streetcar token I still have (and she told me all of her stories of riding the streetcar lines), and my Dad grew up in Orange County before it was so developed. His stories about having orange fights in the groves, hunting skunks and tarantulas, and just generally living in a very rural area (at the time, although there were some pretty cool old homesteads/large old homes) is pretty interesting, considering what the area looks like now. He even was a lifeguard at Huntington Beach. But, all that's besides the point of this thread...

Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

Has anyone seen the movie "Sneakers" from the 90s?? There is that scene in the movie where Robert Redford's character is in the limo with the Russian Consulate and they get pulled over by the "cops" (which were really his old buddy's henchmen). The cops shoot his Russian Consulate friend and the bad guys knock out Robert Redford with a blow to the head with a gun. It takes place in a tunnel that looks exactly like the above tunnel, white tiles an all. The only thing is the movie is supposedly set in San Francisco. If anyone has seen that movie, do you think it's the same tunnel as the picture posted above?

EDIT: I did a quick search and found this info: Filming Locations: 2nd Street Tunnel, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA
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