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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I agree, but there is a hint that the postcard is pre-1912.

If L.A.C. does, in fact, stand for the Los Angeles Athletic Club. (which was located across the street from 215 Spring until 1912)
In 1912, the athletic club moved into its new headquarters at 431 W. 7th St.

But perhaps L.A.C. stands for something other than the Los Angeles Athletic Club (the initials used for the club is usually L.A.A.C.)

As a is the postcard, again.

ASKING $39.99 on eBay

The guy kneeling looks somewhat familiar. Maybe he was in the movies.

e_r: It's 1935. From the Los Angeles Times of November 15, 1935:


The opening of Frank Lomauro's Pirate Show Boat Cafe at 215 South Spring street is scheduled for next Thursday night. The cafe will be used for original productions of unit floor shows. The interior of the cafe is symbolic of a pirate ship."
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