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Originally Posted by philvia View Post
yes, lets please save the hudson rail yards... it's so beautiful and historical!
LOL, it almost boggles the mind..

Speaking anonymously, an actress added, “I want to live in a city with historical perspective. I don’t want to live in a city that all of a sudden grows higher and higher and higher so we forget our history. Where’s your passion for saving our beautiful, historical spot?”
Someone should inform that "actress" that she should study the history of Manhattan a little more. The skyscrapers always bloom there. Besides, the railyards will always be there, underneath the towers and parkland.

“You’re not listening to us,” said Chelsea resident Marguerite Yaghjian. “We’ve told you and told you time and again that we don’t want high buildings.”
And someone please tell that woman to put a lid on it.
NEW YORK heals.

“Office buildings are our factories – whether for tech, creative or traditional industries we must continue to grow our modern factories to create new jobs,” said United States Senator Chuck Schumer.
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