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A mystery postcard

RPPC / Real Photo PC "Greetings to Mrs. Albertson, 1904 Postmark, Los Angeles California"

ebay (found about a week ago)

I am almost certain the home behind the man is the famous "Bivouac" which was built by General Harrison Grey Otis, the publisher and editor of the Los Angeles Times, in 1898.

Sooo...I'll wager a guess and say the man is General Otis.


POSTMARK, FEB. 25, 1904

I am hoping someone (minion) will help decipher the writing on the front side of the postcard.


#1 I see that Los Angeles is mentioned.

#2 It appears the greeting is from S_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Springs. (or... they met the person at the springs)

#3I believe a Gen. is mentioned but it isn't Otis. (Helsing?) ^wink*

#4 The name of the sender is at the end of the greeting (as usual)...A Mr. B _ _ _ _ _ _ _

.....I NEED HELP...........HELP...........HELP.


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