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Originally Posted by LA Kitty Kat View Post
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Thank you for the picture of Alhambra High School. I went there in the '60's, and the building on Main was long gone. I've never seen this picture before, but I wish they would have left the buildings as they were. The whole time I was there there was "portable" buildings that were very ugly!
You're welcome! I drive through Alhambra often, on my way to work in the city of Rosemead from where I live in South Pasadena. It would've been nice to see downtown Alhambra in decades past. Even now, I've seen its evolution from the late 1990s when I moved to South Pas, where I have been living ever since. In fact today, I had dinner at that Indonesian restaurant on Garfield just south of Main. I'm actually a regular there, I probably go there once every other week or so.
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