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Originally Posted by SHERIFFPAUL View Post

Does anyone have a picture of M'Goos Restaurant?

There were at least three M’Goo’s Restaurants — one in Pasadena serving the Cal Tech crowd, one in Westwood Village serving the U.C.L.A. crowd, one on Hollywood Boulevard...
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After Bradley's this location was a popular hangout called M'Goo's. (photo dated 1969)


M'Goo's and Love's restaurant in 1972:


A fire closed down M'Goo's sometime in the early 70's. Love's was there until the 90's at least, maybe longer. Now I believe it's partly a check cashing place.

You can see the Hollywood M'Goo's (in pink & purple) in this youtube video link at the 00:59 second mark:

Several movie marquees (Thunderball, Madame X, Born Free, War Lord, Made in Paris, Do Not Disturb) indicate the youtube film dates from the early months of 1966. The video travels from just west of the Chinese Theatre to the Stromberg Jeweler's clock, right before the Warner Theatre (later the Pacific Theatres).

M'Goo's facing east. Owl Drugs on the corner.

Maria Mancini/pinterest
(I linked this photo from pinterest. Don't have a hosting site at the moment, so it'll probably disappear at some point as pinterest photos are
wont to do.)

Below: Love's Restaurant (again!) is on the right, so it dates after 1966. (In the video the location is Owl Drugs.)


A source I read today says M'Goo's closure because of the fire was in 1975.
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