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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality

Boy in driver's seat at 2170 W. 25th Street, Los Angeles Calif.

Does anyone know what family used to live at 2170 W. 25th Street in the 1910s?
Originally Posted by odinthor View Post

1911 LA city directory

My goodness: "time indictators"!
The Riddell family! Thanks again, Odinthor.

This is probably a daft question: Doesn't "time indictators" simply mean watches'?

Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
2170 W 25th Street was moved to 1857 Redondo Blvd in 1930. As I describe in my history of 2205 W Adams--the house that ate up the block and became the Clark Library--William Andrews Clark Jr. (who built his lover a house nearby, by the way, and gave him a Rolls-Royce) reconfiguered the propety in a big way: https://adamsboulevardlosangeles.blo...ease-also.html
GW, I had forgotten that Williams Andrews Clark Jr.'s lover was a man. (his name was Harrison Post)

To read more about Mr. Post's life go to adamsboulevardhouses. There are several unexpected twists and turns. (for one thing, he ended up in a concentration camp in 1939 Germany)

P.S....The male companion's Roll Royce, that GW mentioned, was painted yellow and black, like a bumble bee. (no shrinking violet, that one )

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