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Originally Posted by MichaelRyerson View Post
Sent this to a friend who has worked at the Griffith Observatory for a long time. Thought he might know but he said while it was familiar, he'd have to pass it along to someone 'up the line'. He finally got back to me...

"Hey Michael,

So, I spoke with A****** C*** today, and he said that antenna device was a satellite receiver, from a weather satellite that broad-casted live news from several news sources. He said it was placed on the lawn, around 1970 or so, and there was a receiver in the Hall of the Eye, where it would print out weather updates. Later on, the antenna was replaced with a satellite dish, and they were receiving news from CBS and NASA.

He mentioned that it was dissembled and removed in the late 70s. So, it was a fairly brief exhibit. He did mention that it was a donation from one of the sons of Griffith so, that's pretty interesting.

Hope that helps.

That sure does help, Michael. Now we have the definitive answer.

(thanks for asking your friend over at the observatory)
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