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Originally Posted by niwell View Post
Just caught up on this thread - great job!

One thing that strikes me immediately is how many South African chains are present in pictures of Sub-Saharan cities. Shoprite, Simply Asia, RocoMamas, Woolworths, The Local Grill, etc. Maybe it shouldn't be but still seems a bit surprising now. Of course all the international fast food brands, retailers and media corporations have their sub-Saharan headquarters in Sandton and the banks in Joburg CBD.
South Africa along with China and the US is one of the leading sources of FDI in Africa and as opposed to China and the US, South African firms invest on the consumer side of things.

With regards to FDI it generally goes like this

US and Western Countries firms invest in Resource extraction
China: Factories, industrialization, and infrastructure
South Africa: Consumer goods, logistics, telecommunications, and retail.
Russia: Weapons and arms
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