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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Originally posted by Gaylord_Wilshire

The creamery statue sounded familiar (I circled it's description in red).

below: I recalled an earlier post of mine, and sure enough you can vaguely see the advertising 'sculpture' near the palm tree on the right.

And now for the piece de la re'sistance. The Adohr Creamery sculpture in all it's glory.


Obviously the location differs from the grounds of the creamery.
This field looks familiar; I believe it's the same field where several of the other sculptures were photographed.
Perhaps the advertising company trucked the massive sculptures to this field for photographs and then delivered them
to their intended sites (mind you this is only a guess).

Also it looks like the Adohr Creamery decided to paint the sculpture pure white (see my first photo above).


Circa 1930

USC Digital

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