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Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
Thank you so much for this one GW. It reminds me of why I dislike arching traffic-signal stanchions, as they junk up the view, and how much I miss roof-top signs.


Re "unavailable" or even "forbidden" images on previous pages. There seems to be a great many more now. This distresses me greatly as so much valuable work has gone into this thread over the years. Is there any way to correct it? I try to remember to run everything through Picassa, rather than linking directly, but sometimes forget (not that my posts ever reach the pinnacles achieved here).

Originally Posted by Chuckaluck View Post
A different perspective of same location? Just a little higher and darker.
Thx for this one too CAL, I do like my daily dose of glamour.

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