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The show goes on.....

Originally Posted by Chuckaluck View Post
The source notes may be misleading. I took them to mean that the pictured cars were destroyed after the photos were taken. I have seen other images and notes of the same gist, although it is possible these notes are incorrect. Some showrooms are permanent structures, others are not so permanent.

It makes sense that the next show would have been relocated, but are you saying that the promoters/dealers went on with the same '29 show? No short term supply?
The 1929 Auto Show was re-staged a day after the tent fire. The dealers still had enough inventory to show new cars. They had to eliminate the 'custom cars' because they were burned in the fire. They also eliminated the trucks and the parts suppliers because of lack of space at the Shine Hall.

Here is the link for LA Times article and photos about the fire and the re-staging of the 1929 Auto Show.

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