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If Weegee lived today......

He'd be developing film at CVS. He sure wouldn't be getting those crime photos he was known for.

Some nutcase went into a medical office and shot a doctor in Newport Beach this afternoon. He surrendered to police as they arrived. I'm no CSI, but I suspect any pertinent evidence is right there in that 2nd floor office where the shooting occurred. It's not like they are trying to solve a who-done-it.

But that doesn't stop NBPD....or any LE agency these days...from shutting down the entire building - AND parking lot. I think they gone a bit too far on this ever-expanding crime scene business.

How many fantastic noir crime scene photos have been posted in this forum? Hundreds?...thousands? But good luck to those people 50 years from now getting any gritty photos from this era. Too bad. All they'll get is images of yellow police tape.

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