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Great detective work GaylordWilshire.

The Woodbury College Building on Wilshire was a thing of beauty


Here are a couple interesting photos of Broadway

Looking north on Broadway from 5th Street in 1907.

The photo could possibly be from 4th Street. The second photo I posted below was labeled "north on Broadway from 4th Street"
and yet the second photo was taken on the same block (albeit the middle of the block)

Notice the odd shape on top of the large building down the block. Can you tell what it is?

usc digital archive

below: Here is the same view from mid-block.

usc digital archive

It's a GIANT woman's shoe!!

Another interesting detail is the banner across the street. The banner reads "VOTE FOR OWENS RIVER JUNE 12"
(it's hard to read the banner in the photo, but it was mentioned in the description of the photo at USC Archive)

This must be the vote on whether or not to issue BONDS for the Los Angeles Aqueduct!


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