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One of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world: stunning Rio de Janeiro !!!

All the following pictures are from the thread "Rio Hotéis e Capital Turística by Raul Lopes" available on the brazilian forums in SSC.

Rio de Janeiro is Brazil´s second largest city and it´s famous all over the world. It has been Brazil´s capital city until 1960 and though not so modern and wealthy as São Paulo, it has managed to modernize itself in the last decade through major international events like hosting the FIFA World Cup and Summer Olympic Games. Its beautiful beaches, nice hotels, sunny weather and good restaurants and overall a joyful atmosphere attracts visitors from all over the world every year.

I´ll start with Barra da Tijuca, the city´s most modern area, with lots of canals and lagoons and a beautiful beach, modern hotels, nice houses and condos, and fancy malls. It´s the city´s most modern area.


The Grand Hyatt Hotel

One of Rio´s 2 Hilton Hotels.

The beautiful beach

The 2 new Marriott hotels close to the Olympic Park.

Love Mercedes

And others

Village Mall, a very modern and luxurious mall in Barra da Tijuca

The former Trump Rio Hotel. Very stylish.

Barra da Tijuca is very modern and well planned. I love it.



Modern apartment buildings and hotels on the coastline

Beautiful houses too

And the great beach

And lagoons

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