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Originally Posted by ydoc14 View Post
I don't consider San Antonio southwestern just because of the culture. I look at geographic location, terrain, and vegetation.

I consider the boundary line of the southwest to be the far west side of Fort Worth.

Texas Live Oak and prickly pear cactus only grow in areas with dry soil. These grow starting west of Fort Worth and straight down to Corpus and westward on. I put San Antonio about 55 miles inside the Southwest, and Austin about 10 miles. Eastern Travis County doesn't have southwest vegetation or topography, and is on the border between the Southwest and South. Of course this is all my opinion, but I think it's a fairly well educated opinion

Oh, and you know how the music festival is called South by Southwest.....that's exactly how I would describe Austin's geographical location......downtown and westward is in the Southwest, while the far east side and the rest of eastern Travis county is in the South.

And...having lived in North Texas for 20 years, I can tell you that Austin and San Antonio are in the southwest and not because of the culture
Yeah, geography wise Austin is somewhat southwestern. My dad would even say that parts west of Austin are nearly desert like. I rode my bike around this week, probably 50 miles I'm sure around South Austin, and saw some huge prickly pear cactus in people's yards. As you go farther west, they're everywhere. But to the east you pretty much don't see anything like that.
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