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The Return of London’s 1930s Futuristic Subway Car


- This year, some of London’s oldest surviving subway carriages will be coming back from the dead. The three so-called Q-stock trains, which first hit the rails in 1938, have been languishing in storage since the last one left service in 1971. Now, pending the completion of a public appeal to raise £200,000, the carriages will be restored by the London Transport Museum and made ready for service once more.

- Don’t necessarily expect to see them pulling into a regular station anytime soon, however. The restored rolling stock are being retooled as a sort of rolling exhibition. Each car will be refitted to highlight an important period of London history during the carriages’ working life: the evacuation of children from the city during World War II, the lean years of 1940s austerity, and the relative affluence of the 1950s.


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