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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I 'drove' past this impressive church today on East Colorado Blvd. at N. Holliston Avenue in Pasadena.

gsv_courtesy 'google-car'

Afterwards, I found this postcard. I believe this is the same church.

Here's an aerial. I would love to see inside. -and what is that building behind it?

one last view.


I am familiar with this church, as I typically stay at a motel just down the block when I am in SoCal. Here are some pics I took in 2011:

Shame about the steeple and other pointy bits being lost, but it still looks pretty good.

Also, what should we find right next door but the Howard Motor Company building, which I believe was in this thread long ago. Again, my pics from 2011:

The back end of the L-shaped building pokes out onto Chester Ave.:

There is one more find on this block which a lot of people are bound to miss. Directly across the street from the church, in the grass in front of a McDonald's, is a Bancroft Marker. Read about the Foothill Blvd. Milestone here. The Bancroft system was a very early road marking system. This marker was placed about 1906 and was rediscovered when the land was prepared for construction of the Mcdonald's. It is the only marker remaining in the area.

The Bancroft system measured distance along major roads from a central point. In LA County this point was the 1888 County Courthouse. The marker describes its own relative position: Mile 11 from the courthouse, block 220 out of 222. The F.B. stands for Foothill Boulevard, which is what this section of Colorado Blvd. was called at the time.
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