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Originally Posted by unihikid View Post
that would bug me if i worked there lol....maybe the cyliders are upside down.They had an antique alley there about 15 yrs ago,and near the entrance was a old restored helms truck,they would let you toot the whistle,and had fake bread and donuts in it,it was a great touch.the stuff in the store was great also,we got my head and footboard there super cheap,they also had a ton of old radio consoles,i was pretty sad when they closed along with the one at farmers market.

and isnt that a nice little pe station in the alan weeks photo.
Nowadays, there's a cute little art piece on the Washington Blvd side that has half a bread truck crashed into the side of the building with bread falling out the back into an Olympic O's shaped pool. I'm actually working in the Beacon Laundry building which is just across the alley, which is now a promenade from Helms.

As for the trash cans, no, you can simply flip them. There's an opening on top (bottom) and the bottom (top) is cemented to a base. I'll post a picture of it tomorrow...
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