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I too hope this building gets built, and the full height is attained. I am happy that 1WTC will soon be finished, but New York needs a 2,000 foot skyscraper. The Chinese and Arabs are building huge skyscrapers, the Burj Dubai is over 2,000 feet, hello!! While in the 1970s any building over 1,000 feet was considered great, and still is to a point, that is no longer the measuring stick. It is now 2,000 feet and beyond. New York needs to get back into the skyscraper game wholeheartedly. We need to stop spitting out designs and then cringing at the last minute and winding their heights back down...This only makes for more generic, boring-looking bland buildings. Any city can have 500-1,000 foot buildings, but this is New York for pete's sake. I don't mean have them all over the city, just having one great 2,000 footer would put New York back on the cutting edge and map of skyscraper buildings globally..I am not a huge fan of the Internationalist boxy styling, but I am sure there are creative people out there who could design a building with elements of the past and present, while making it safe and environmentally efficient too. All this being said, with things the way they are, and nothing ever seeming to get done in the way of big projects, I would guess that 1WTC (once completed) will likely be the tallest building in New York for many many years to come..
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