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Originally Posted by hunser View Post
1,000 footers:

1. One World Trade Center, 1787ft (544,7m), Under Construction
2. 432 Park Avenue, 1350ft (411,5m), Site Preparation
3. Two World Trade Center, 1349ft (411,2m), Under Construction
4. Hudson Yards North Tower, 1278ft (389,5m), Approved
5. Empire State Building, 1250ft (381m), Completed [1,454ft (443,2m) when counting the spire]
6. 15 Penn PLaza, 1216ft (370,6m), Approved
7. One Manhattan West, 1216ft (370,6m), Approved
8. Bank of America Tower, 1200ft (365,8m), Completed
9. Three World Trade Center, 1155ft (352m), Under Construction
10. Conde Nast Building, 1118ft (340,7m), Completed [when counting the spire]
11. The Girasole, 1060ft (323,1m), Approved
12. Tower Verre, 1050ft (320m), Approved
13. Chrysler Building, 1046ft (318,8m), Completed
14. New York Times Tower, 1046ft (318,8m), Completed
15. One57, 1003ft (305,7m), Under Construction
16. Hudson Railyard Development, 1000ft+ (304,8m+), Proposed
17. 225 West 57th Street, 1000ft+ (304,8m+), Proposed

900 footers:

1. Hudson Yards South Tower, 996ft (303,6m), Approved
2. Four World Trade Center, 977ft (297,8m), Under Construction
3. American International Building, 952ft (290,2m), Completed
4. Bloomberg Tower, 941ft (286,6m), Completed [when counting the spire]
5. One Madison Avenue, 937ft (285,6m), Proposed
6. Two Manhattan West, 935ft (285m), Approved
7. 40 Wall Street, 927ft (282,6m), Completed
8. Citigroup Center, 915ft (278,9m), Completed
9. 30 Park Place, 912ft (278m), Under Construction (currently on hold)

800 footers:

1. Beekman Tower, 891ft (271,6m), Completed
2. Trump World Tower, 861ft (262,4m), Completed
3. Port Authority Bus Terminal Tower, 856ft (261m), Approved
4. GE Building, 850ft (259,1m), Completed
5. 56 Leonard Street, 821ft (250,2m), Under Construction (currently on hold)
6. Cityspire Center, 814ft (248,1m), Completed
7. One Chase Manhattan Plaza, 813ft (247,8m), Completed
8. Met Life Building, 808ft (246,3m), Completed

700 footers:

1. Woolworth Building, 792ft (241m), Completed
2. 1 Worldwide Plaza, 778ft (237m), Completed
3. Carnegie Hall Tower, 757ft (231m), Completed
4. 383 Madison Avenue, 755ft (230m), Completed
5. 1715 Broadway, 753ft (230m), Under Construction
6. AXA Center, 752ft (229m), Completed
7. One Penn Plaza, 750ft (229m), Completed
8. 1251 Avenue of the Americas , 750ft (229m), Completed
9. Time Warner Center North Tower, 749ft (228m), Completed
10. Time Warner Center South Tower, 749ft (228m), Completed
11. Goldman Sachs Headquarters, 749ft (228m), Completed
12. 60 Wall Street, 745ft (227m), Completed
13. One Astor Plaza, 745ft (227m), Completed
14. 1 Liberty Plaza, 743ft (226m), Completed
15. 20 Exchange Place, 741ft (226m), Completed
16. 7 World Trade Center, 741ft (226m), Completed
17. Three World Financial Center, 739ft (225m), Completed
18. Bertelsmann Building, 733ft (223m), Completed
19. Times Square Tower, 726ft (221m), Completed
20. Metropolitan Tower, 716ft (218m), Completed
21. 250 East 57th Street, 715ft (218m), Under Construction
22. 50 West Street, 714ft (218m), Under Construction (currently on hold)
23. 610 Lexington Avenue, 712ft (217m), Under Construction (currently on hold)
24. Nobu Hotel and Residences, 709ft (216m), Approved
25. JPMorganChase Tower, 707ft (216m), Completed
26. General Motors Building, 705ft (215m), Completed
27. Metropolitan Life Tower, 700ft (213m), Completed
28. 5 World Trade Center, 700ft+ (213m+), Approved

600 footers:

1. 500 Fifth Avenue, 697ft (212m), Completed
2. Americas Tower, 692ft (211m), Completed
3. Solow Building, 689ft (210m), Completed
4. HSBC Bank Building, 688ft (210m), Completed
5. 55 Water Street, 687ft (209m), Completed
6. 277 Park Avenue, 687ft (209m), Completed
7. 1585 Broadway, 685ft (209m), Completed
8. Random House Tower, 684ft (208m), Completed
9. Four Seasons Hotel, 682ft (208m), Completed
10. McGraw-Hill Building, 674ft (205m), Completed
11. Lincoln Building, 673ft (205m), Completed
12. Citicorp Building, 673ft (205m), Completed
13. Barclay Tower, 673ft (205m), Completed
14. Paramount Plaza, 670ft (204m), Completed
15. 440 West 42nd Street, 669ft (204m), Completed
16. Trump Tower, 664ft (202m), Completed

In total: 56 buildings

500 footers:

120 buildings+

--> New York has about 240 buildings over 500ft. This city rulez.
Are there new skyscrapers to add to this fantastic list ?
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