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Originally Posted by azsunsurfer View Post
I am guessing that's why the one in Chandler has not started construction at Overstreet? The OverEasy that was suppose to go next door hasn't started work either and they were advertised a while ago....I think that place is overrated thanks to Guy Fiery
Yea, the one in Chandler has been cancelled. Also, the same owners also opened the Mad Hatter next door to Camp Social. That place was barely for a year. Not sure why the sudden closures. I'm guessing financial issues. But I thought Camp Social was pretty cool. I loved that outdoorsy atmosphere they presented. But I'm just a mega outdoors freak anyway, so I might be a little biased as to why I liked this place. Others may have not felt the same vibe. It's a pretty big space for a restaurant. Hopefully another tenant can come in and make good use of it.
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