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Originally Posted by exit2lef View Post
Starting this as a place to discuss restaurants, particularly as they relate to urban vitality.

I'll kick this off with a mention of the Crown Public House. This place on Jefferson behind the 3rd St. light rail platform is the result of the merger between the Rose & Crown and Coach's Corner. R&C was kicked out of Heritage Square in order to make room for a new restaurant called Anhelo (fka Hidden Kitchen). The owner of R&C then bought Coach's Corner and transformed it into Crown Public House.

I visited for the first time last week with mixed feelings. The menu was familiar, but in the old R&C, I found the average food there was made up for by the charming atmosphere of the Silva House. That building is old and separated into numerous small rooms, much like most pubs in England. Although they've done their best to make the interior of Coach's Corner look like a pub, it didn't feel the same, and somehow the shortcomings of the food seemed more apparent without the pub atmosphere to distract me.

I was also disappointed that the tap handles had only a few traditional brews from the British Isles. There was Guinness but no Harp or Bass to use in making a black-and-tan. I talked a little to the bartender and she told me they were still trying to merge the tastes of the R&C crowd of Liverpool soccer fans with the tastes of the Coach's Corner fans. She also said a new menu was coming soon.

Has anyone else been there? If so, what did you think?
Haven't been to Crown Public House yet, but I agree that the appeal of Rose & Crown, at least for me, was about 90% the Silva House. Sometime this summer hopefully I'll go to a baseball game or something and check out Crown Public House, but if what you say is true, it's hard to get excited.

Since this is a "Metro" thread, I'll put a little plug in for my neck of the woods. My dream of DT Mesa developing a nice collection of watering holes is becoming a reality. Cider Corp--as the name suggests, serving ciders--is expanding and adding Myke's Pizza as their food provider. They are supposed to open the expanded taproom June 14. On or around the same day a new taproom, Chupacabra is supposed to open. Those, in addition to Oro (which makes fantastic beers and is my go-to spot), Desert Eagle (the old stand-by) and Main St. Bar & Grill (formerly a pizza place) make a nice little cluster. I feel like there is an opportunity for DT Mesa to be the go-to for people in the East Valley, like myself, for whom Gilbert is too busy/family-y, Tempe is too college-y, and Scottsdale is too Scottsdale-y. Just a nice, relaxed place to get a couple beers.
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