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Completion Project - Background
Over the last few years, the Centre has made strides in advancing the Completion
Project for the Centre. The completion of this project will create expanded cultural,
educational, and social outreach programming for the whole community.
More activity in the downtown core helps the City meet its goals to invigorate tourism,
support an arts-rich community by providing additional revenue streams for the Centre
and local artists, and promote downtown revitalization with safe all-season connections
between Churchill Square and the Quarters.
In 2012 stakeholders were consulted to provide input on the proposed Centre’s
Completion Project and to explore programming and space gaps in the local market.
The stakeholders consulted were local arts and culture organizations and non-profit
groups. The valuable feedback received through the consultation helped shape the
development of the initial concept for the Completion Project.
The Completion Project will meet the current Master Lease Agreement requirements,
although the Master Lease will need to be renegotiated once the construction phase for
the Project is completed.
The Completion Project will fulfill the original vision for the Centre, and address its longterm
arts space and arts programming needs and builds capacity to generate new and
sustainable sources of revenue at the Centre.
Business Case Approvals
Two business cases for the Completion Project were developed by the Centre and
submitted to City of Edmonton for review and approval.
The business case for the concept development design phase was submitted and
approved by City Administration in 2013; and the business case for the schematic
design phase, which excluded the Robo Parkade Component of the Completion Project,
was submitted to the City in the fall of 2014 for consideration in the City’s 2015-2018
capital budget.
In the schematic design phase business case, the Centre identified a $13 million funding
request of the City of Edmonton as 25% share in costs between other orders of
government for Component One of the Completion Project.
Project Scope, Costs and Components
The Centre’s Completion Project will remain within the current lease agreement
boundary. The overall project is estimated to cost $78 million, which will include two
major components:
1. Component One Includes $53 million towards the following:
• 540-seat flex-use acoustic hall equipped with technology to rapidly
transform between a flat floor to raked seating;

• Six multi-purpose programming spaces (divisible studio, two classrooms,
a Discovery Centre with open stage and gathering area), multiple larger
and smaller spaces for performances or special events (e.g. grand stair,
• Commercial bays along 97 Street including space for a 4000 square foot
daycare operated in partnership with the YMCA.
2. Component Two Includes $25 million toward a 380-stall automated Robo
• Public access within the existing facility creates pedestrian connectivity
through the Francis Winspear Centre for Music linking the new automated
Robo Parkade and the existing pedway network.
Completion Project – Phasing
• 2013 concept development design phase competed;
• 2014 schematic design phase completed;
• 2015 design development/construction ready drawings phase completed;
• 2016 to 2018 construction phase.
• 2019 Grand Opening - New Centre.
Fundraising Campaign 2015-2018
The City of Edmonton’s release of $3.75 million to the Centre for the design
development/construction ready drawings phase in 2015 will trigger the Centre’s official
fundraising campaign for the Completion Project.
The City of Edmonton’s approval of an additional $9.25 million for the Centre would
round out the City’s funding commitments to $13 million.
The City’s financial support for the design development/construction ready drawings
phase and potential funding for the construction phase to the Completion Project assists
the Centre in their ability to leverage funding from other orders of government to the
project between 2016 through to 2018.
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