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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Three photographs of the Wilshire Country Club in 1931.


Below: In this one you can faintly make out the Hollywoodland Sign.


Mae West lived on the top floor of one these apartment buildings (I can't remember which one exactly).
Perhaps one of you know some of the history these wonderful buildings in Hancock Park.
Great shots, ethereal-- the building in the first shot above is Country Club Manor at 316 N. Rossmore. Laura LaPlante, a major actress of the '20s, is the only big name I could find who lived here (well, she was big before pictures got small, that is). A recent shot:


Re the second shot above:

At left is the Hermoyne at 569 N. Rossmore, the one-time home of Al Jolson, Ruby Keeler, Blanche Sweet, and William Wyler.

At right is the El Royale at 450 N. Rossmore, whose tenants have included William Frawley, Ava Gardner, George Raft, Jane Withers, Darryl Zanuck, Loretta Young, and Clark Gable (hmm--is this where Judy Lewis was conceived?).

And in the middle is Mae's building--the Ravenswood at 570 N. Rossmore. According to several sources, she lived in apartment 611. Judy Garland and Hedda Hopper were one-time neighbors. (A note on some of the names above--I'm not sure how totally accurate any of this info is--one site has Ethel Merman living in apartment 611 at the Ravenswood during Mae's tenure... imagine those two as roommates.)

Google Street View
The Hermoyne today

The El Royale today

The Ravenswood, with its "R" sign still on top

Google Street View
The Ravenswood today

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