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ethereal-- those Yellow Cars and the bus are not actually not L.A. Railway equipment by 1957--"LARy" was sold to National City Lines in the mid '40s and the company became Los Angeles Transit Lines. (National City Lines was financed by GM, Phillips, SOCAL/Chevron, Goodyear etc, and there are of course all the stories about a conspiracy to get rid of rail transit all over the country to sell buses, gas, and tires.) LATL lasted until '58 or so when the state took it over it and combined it with PE's bus system, and this became the MTA (not the same MTA L.A. now has). Btw the bus looks like a regular bus to me, don't see a trolley pole, although LATL ran both along with streetcars.

sopas--re that Lucas St curb--a closer looks shows that one end of the block is actually just one of those askew seams in street view shots. But even if the curb isn't original--at least we still have the wall.

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