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Welcome to the thread, Muji, and welcome to Los Angeles!

Regarding some architectural books on LA, there are a couple that I've always considered to be pretty good; they may be out of print now, but you can probably find them in public libraries. One is called "Los Angeles: An Architectural Guide," by David Gebhard and Robert Winter. Another one is "Los Angeles: The City Observed," by Charles Moore, Peter Becker and Regula Campbell. This one was first published in 1984, went out of print, and then was reprinted in 1998. I read this book religiously when I was a teen back in the 80s. What's great about these books is that they don't limit themselves to just the City of Los Angeles, but they also include significant architecture around Los Angeles County, and in the latter book, it even includes Orange County and the Inland Empire, which makes sense to me, being that "the Southland" all runs together anyway.

I also have a newer book on LA architecture called "Landmark L.A.: Historic-Cultural Monuments of Los Angeles," edited by Jeffrey Herr, copyright 2002. It claims to be "the most complete, documented list of officially designated Los Angeles monuments ever available in book form."

"L.A. Lost & Found: An Architectural History of Los Angeles" by Sam Hall Kapalan, is also a good book. It was first published in the mid-1980s but it's been reprinted in the last few years, I'm not sure if it's still available. I regret not having bought this one when I had the chance. It might still be available, though. I think I saw it some time ago at the Hennessey & Ingalls bookstore in Santa Monica. I would recommend checking that bookstore out.
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